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KW studio is a modern high quality analog & digital studio in Finland. Our analog gear is top-class and so is our microphones for vocal recording. Our analog line consists of: Fairman TMC compressor, Manley Massive Passive, Dave Hill Titan, Bettermaker EQ and many more. We have also the best digital plugins to complement the mastering process. A studio for the demanding client!

E-mastering service available in our studio.

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Song recording

KW studio is also a top-class recording studio. Our microphone selection consists of the legendary Neumann M269, the brilliant NU 47, Neumann U87 (studio stadard) and many more. Our hi-end preamps guarantee a very pleasing result. KW music studio.

Recording services.

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e-mastering service

E-mastering service available around the world through our contact page. Send your song to us, and when the master is ready, you will receive an example of the mastered song. Changes are made until the client is satisfied and only then you pay for the service! KW studio gives you a satisfaction guarantee!

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