Audio mastering service

Mastering audio has changed a lot during the last decade or two. First, we had the loudness war, and everything had to be so loud, it killed the dynamics in the music. Now after Apple, iTunes and YouTube have agreed on the LUFS standard, things have changed. When music is played through these platforms, no matter how loud it has been mastered, it always plays in the same volume.

KW-Masteroing studios is approved with the Apple Digital Masters, which means we also deliver the Apple masters in "approved by Apple" correct formats.

Apple approved

Audio mastering definition

  • • Mastering corrects small errors in the mix
  • • Mastering makes the track louder, but without destroying the transients
  • • Audio mastering techniques include compression, cleaning, surgical and broad EQ and stereo widening.
  • • The track will be clearer, louder and applicable for different platforms after mastering.

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Mastering from start to finish

The process

You can order an online mastering service for your song from us. What KW-Mastering studio does to your song, goes like this:

First the bad and conflicting frequencies are removed using very surgical equalisation tools. Then the side information of the song is processed in the same way and the mid information is also treated one more time separately. After this a broader EQ curve is implemented with two separate tools. Now it is time for the first, but a very gentle Limiter. The next step is to go out from digital into the analogue world, where the signal is further processed with several outboard Tube and non-Tube outboard processors. Finally, the final Limiter is applied and the song is rendered through high quality converters in a digital mastering workstation.

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Audio mastering

You should expect to get a radio ready mastering for your song, as well as iTunes and at least one good quality 24-bit audio file of the final master. However, KW-Mastering studios also provide a 16 bit version of the master.

Online e-mastering

Send us your song (preferably as a 24 or 32 bit wave file) via Google Drive, Dropbox or Wetransfer. We master the song and send you the result for approvement. Payment via PayPal or bank transfer.

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Online mastering

Here are some mastering guidelines when going for online mastering:

  • • Contact a seasoned online mastering studio
  • • Try to find a studio, that is not doing Mastering in the Box type of work only!
  • • Find a mastering studio that sends you an example of the master to listen
  • • Online mastering tools should be both analogue and digital for best results
  • • Try to find a studio that charges only after you are satisfied in the result

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e-mastering service available!
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50 euros + VAT per song.
Discount for bigger projects.
From 150 euros + VAT per song,
but price is calculated by the size of the project.
recording studio
50 + VAT euros per hour
mixing service
According to agreement

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