music studio
Music studio
We record, produce, mix and master all genres of music. Everything is ready for your project.
Top class microphones
You will find the finest microphones in the world in our studio! Microphones for every genre and artist!
mixing desk
Mixing service
We mix your song from beginning to the end. We can also do the recordings here, or send us your ready recorded files and we take care of the rest.
We do the mastering with high-end analog gear and long experience. We can promise you that your song will sound better after our treatment.

What's new?

mixing desk
We update the studio constatly. Many digital plug-ins are great for modern music production, but if you want that 3-dimensional sound and real tube warmth, then the answer is in the anolog domain.

The last piece of gear we got in the studio is Dangerous Music Bax EQ. It is a great EQ for mastering and mixing. We already have many Dangerous music gear in our studio, including Dangerous Music Convert 2 and Convert AD+, so we know the quality is always top notch.

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Our analog gear are world class!

Some of our gear

  • Fairman TMC compressor
  • Manley Massive Passive EQ
  • Bettermaker EQ 232P
  • Dangerous Music Compressor
  • Maselec MEA-2 EQ
  • API 5500 EQ
  • Tube-Tech Multiband compressor
  • Tube-Tech HLT EQ
  • Universal Audio LA-2A
  • Universal Audio 1176 LN
  • Tegeler Audio Creme
  • And many more
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