mastering studio

We are so confident that you will like the end result of our mastering studio, that we offer a nobrainer deal for our clients; YOU PAY NOTHING IF YOU ARE NOT FULLY SATISFIED!

What can KW mastering studio do to your song:

e-mastering service

Mastering is not just the process of adding a limiter to the master buss. KW mastering studio listens very carefully to each song and makes decisions according to genre and clients wishes. The studio listening environment is made very accurate. The end result is a healthy master that sounds good on any device. Musical quality for a modern taste!


Send your song either via Wetransfer or Dropbox (or any online cloud service) to be mastered. We will send you an example of the finished master and changes are made until the client is absolutely satisfied! Contact us here, and we will give you all the details for sending the songs in.

All equipment used in the mastering process are high-end analog and digital processors. We use tube compressors and equalizers combined with tools for stereo imaging. The subtle use of all these tools will result in a very warm and pleasant sounding master.

Loudness war

KW studio recommends a dynamic mastering. We will not squash the life out of your song, but instead respect the dynamic range and musical quality, but still make it loud and clear.

For certain genre (EMD, House, Dance music) a heavier compression and less dynamic range is required. KW studio will also do this professionally.

Mastering prices

Contact us for instructions how to send your songs for mastering here. After we have received your songs, you will get a professional master within few days.

Remember, you have nothing to worry about, you pay only after you are satisfied!